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Glass Cutting in Campbell, MN

Whether you're a TOP CHEF, an everyday mom and dad cooking for yourself and family, or you're just a hardcore health conscious individual, having the right cutting board is essential.

Let's focus on the positives:

Glass or tempered cutting boards depending on the brand you choose are virtually indestructible. For instance, the brand Tuftop is made with highly tempered glass that will look like new for years in your kitchen without cracks, chips, scratches, or cut marks. glass cutting in Campbell, MN. This brand of cutting board has a cut-proof surface so bacteria, stains, and odors cannot be harbored as they are in other cutting boards. Sanitary-wise, there is no need for harsh chemicals to prevent cross-contamination. Simply wash in warm sudsy water! And it's dishwasher safe. The other benefit of TufTop glass cutting in Campbell, MN boards is that they are HEAT RESISTANT!!! TufTop cutting boards are trivets for hot dishes such as casseroles and counter savers for hot-off-the-stove pots and pans.

Artwork for The Kitchen:

Tuftop glass cutting in Campbell, MN boards can add sparkle to any table as an elegant serving platter or dazzling centerpiece with candles. Colorful designs are mounted between shimmering textured glass and a protective vinyl backing. The uses are endless.

Why I Should not buy a Plastic Cutting Board?

The softer surface of plastic boards is scored by knives, and the resulting grooves and cuts in the surface harbor bacteria even after being well washed. However, plastic boards do allow rinsing with harsher cleaning chemicals such as bleach and other disinfectants without damages to the board or retention of the chemical to later contaminate food. But who wants to feel as though they're doing laundry in your master-kitchen feeling like a MASTER CHEF!

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